LexisNexis Bellwether 2021 report

The latest LexisNexis Bellwether report explores the issues faced by SME law firms in the UK following the Covid-19 pandemic.

LexisNexis|Bellwether 2021 report|

Our 2020 report looked at how small and SME firms were impacted in the immediate aftermath of the UK lockdown as the coronavirus pandemic hit the country. It found the industry remained robust in the face of uncertainty, but some firms struggled more so than others.

A year later, the pandemic still looms over the industry. As restrictions have eased across the country, we look back on how firms fared.

While firms appear to have once again weathered the storm, showing strong financial performance and confidence in the future, they face new threats to their business, such as an increase in professional indemnity insurance (PII) premiums, adapting to new ways of working, and keeping workers happy after a difficult year.

As the industry looks to move on from the pandemic, there is also uncertainty around working practices and how to drive innovation in a traditional industry.

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