Systematic planning

Do business systems lend themselves to financial planning?



All systems are a go – choosing and optimising back-office technology was cited as the organisational challenge of greatest concern by 43% of respondents to LPM Frontiers 2022. For one, firms want to realise a return on their tech investments. Of equal concern is that core tech such as practice management systems (PMSs) are key cogs in firms’ financial planning mechanisms, so a lack of optimisation could have damaging consequences – particularly at pressing times like these.

In the feature for this LPM special, we explore how reliant firms are on their systems to navigate economic instability, and what more they need from the tech ecosystem to survive and thrive. There’s plenty of guidance to be had, though there is scope for potentially devastating error if data is not joined up. Read up on how to keep your bearings in low visibility.

We also hear from suppliers and subject matter experts – I interviewed Adam Bullion of PracticeEvolve to discuss how firms and tech providers can work together to make the most of business systems; Paul Longhurst of 3Kites gives his take on where the PMS market is headed; Chris Pucci of Osprey Approach offers tips to maximise value from tech strategies; and Nicola Moore-Miller of Jayva stresses the importance of having the right support and a healthy approach to implementation when choosing business systems.

A lot to unpack and digest, so enjoy, and I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions. And stay tuned for more end-of-year content coming up on LPM channels!

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LPM’s editor, Aftab Bose, speaks to PracticeEvolve’s general manager of marketing, Adam Bullion, about the software provider’s new approach to serving the SME legal market’s evolving

Maximising value

A coherent, strategic and people-centric approach is crucial to making the most of your firm’s technology investments, says Chris Pucci, chief executive officer, Osprey Approach


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