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How do managed services and outsourcing fit into SME law firms' strategies?



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Managed services and outsourcing have been a big area of opportunity for SME law firms to improve their operations for years. Back in 2017, LPM explored how managed services and outsourcing could be of benefit by looking at a range of outsourcing options and the outcomes for firms. This time, we’re diving into the wider IT strategy and day-to-day operations as well, and asking where managed service providers come into play.

The story has always been the same – SME law firms can’t expect to be experts in technology as well as running a high quality of legal service for clients. But the two are unequivocally interlinked – with technology becoming more integral to the smooth operation of any business, legal has a lot to win. It’s often been said that firms have to run to stand still – but for those with a small IT team, or perhaps none at all, they may have to work even harder. Managed services, outsourcing, cloud (oh my!) – how does it all fit together and make the IT function fit for the future?



It’s almost impossible to be a player in the market, any market, in this day and age without using technology one way or another. Technology is so ingrained in life and work in the 21st century that businesses that don’t have a strong grip on their day-to-day running of technology and operations, well-trained staff and relationships with vendors will not make it very far.


Of all the industries impacted by technology advances, the legal sector has arguably remained the most static and traditional. But with increasing pressure to improve efficiencies, commerciality and competitive advantage, more law firms are turning to managed services for support.


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Although some firms will engage specialist consultants to help them select a managed IT service provider (MSP), the choice may be simpler if the provider not only addresses the firm’s current IT concerns but also has the prescience to see likely market movements and challenges, while also behaving as a responsible business partner.


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