Speeding up the onboarding and verification process

As one of the UK’s top 20 conveyancing firms, GloverPriest focusses relentlessly on the client experience – the firm’s sales and marketing manager, Ian Bury, outlines how Legl was brought in to help implement improvements.

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Ian Bury is Sales & Marketing Manager at GloverPriest, and is responsible for a number of initial touch points with clients.

Bury realised that collecting money on account was a key blocker not only to cashflow, but also to client experience: “With our old processes, we were facing the challenge of time delay. We were reliant on clients coming into our office with their ID or to make a payment which could take up to days – if not weeks. We needed to make the process much smoother to maintain an excellent client experience.”

Although originally he was looking for a smoother payment solution, Bury soon realised that Legl could help fill another gap in his firm’s onboarding processes: the firm needed to minimise the risk involved with clients having to come into the office to undertake CDD checks in person.

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