Set the right priorities when bringing on new clients

With a reputation for being approachable and practical, Streeter Marshall decided to adopt Legl’s technology to make life easier for its clients. The firm’s practice manager, Robert Peck, elaborates.

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Streeter Marshall had a problem: an onboarding process which didn’t work.

“While the majority of our clients tend to be relatively local to the firm, we also serve clients who might be many miles away and our onboarding process didn’t work well for them,” explains practice manager Robert Peck.

“First, as the covid-19 pandemic hit, we were still asking clients to visit the office to provide their ID and this obviously wasn’t going to work when the lockdown was introduced. We want our clients to feel safe knowing they do not have to travel for us to commence work on their behalf.

Second, lockdown aside, our onboarding process didn’t prioritise our clients’ experience. I have been in our reception where clients have arrived to complete ID and AML checks after having been stuck in traffic for hours. People have jobs or childcare responsibilities, it’s not easy to find time to come into our office to complete an ID check.”

Streeter Marshall began to seek out new ways of onboarding and quickly realised that Legl would likely be the answer to the problem the firm was facing.

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