Remotely improving the client experience

Brachers, having advised clients in person for over 125 years, achieved remote operations in just 24 hours by partnering with Legl – explains Tom Hall, the firm’s chief operating officer.


There are broadly two types of firms: those that are forward-looking, actively looking at how to be more efficient and deliver a better client service; and those who don’t want to change unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. There can be no doubt: the former approach is now absolutely necessary. Fortunately for Brachers, they fall squarely within the first bucket of firms, which meant they were able to adapt to changing circumstances quickly and seamlessly.

“Brachers has been using cloud-based technology for two years. Following the severe winter in 2018, and the impact it had on staff travel, we made the decision that it was key for business continuity that all staff were able to work remotely. We already use Office 365 and so when it came to the covid-19 crisis, all people had to do was pack up their desks,” says Hall.

The forward-looking mindset didn’t just help with the transition for staff. It also meant clients had a seamless experience. “From a payments perspective, because we had already implemented Legl’s online payment system, it meant the experience for clients was seamless. The payments experience hadn’t changed.”

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