Read how Moray Group is leveraging LexisNexis Visualfiles to accelerate digital innovation in legal services

Discover how Moray Group is using LexisNexis Visualfiles to reinvent the professional services delivery model.

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Established in June 2020, Moray Group is a new professional services group for Scotland and an innovative umbrella brand bringing together industry experts across legal, property and financial services. The group provides a diverse range of services to individuals, families, SMEs and larger corporates, and has adopted LexisNexis Visualfiles to inject technology into business operations, and to break the traditional mould and reinvent the professional services delivery model.

Revolutionary vision for Moray Legal

The Group’s vision is to transform Moray Legal into a national legal services provider in Scotland, offering everything from property, estate agency and re-mortgages through to family law, corporate law and private client focused offerings – all delivered through a single Visualfiles technology platform.

Explaining the Group’s rationale for selecting Visualfiles, Rob Aberdein, Group CEO of Moray Group, says: “Our vision is to transform the traditional model of legal services in Scotland by using technology to revolutionise the way law is delivered north of the border. Visualfiles is the only platform on the market today that can be tailored without limit – from extensive personal experience of using Visualfiles over many years, it’s genuinely one of those ‘if you can dream it, it can do it’ type of products.”

Process efficiencies for outstanding customer experience

Moray Legal is using Visualfiles as the division’s core platform for legal workflow and document generation. The platform sits across the debt recovery, litigation, and property practice areas.

When fully customised and expanded across the division, Moray Legal will benefit from significant process efficiencies. The division will use the platform to drive end-to-end processes for speedy completion, minimising human involvement where appropriate but embedding in-person touchpoints for risk management and allowing the highly skilled staff time to focus on tasks that utilise their capabilities. For example, the division is digitising and automating its re-mortgage workflow. Clients will receive forms electronically, which they’ll be able to complete on their PCs or smart phones, eliminating delays caused by human intervention, paper-based activity, and postal hold-ups.

This in itself will reduce the time it typically takes to complete the process – from a matter of days to literally minutes. Clients will also be able to electronically respond to notifications and communications. These self-serve and automated processes will enable Moray Legal’s case handlers to spend time on higher risk related issues, adding value to the process to achieve the desired outcomes for clients.

In the family law practice, Moray Legal is automating processes such as client onboarding, while still preserving the activities and tasks that are the domain of paralegals and lawyers so that a personalised service isn’t compromised.

In property, the division is integrating Visualfiles with the HMRC’s Land Registry Scotland and third-party search providers to make the entire process quick and smooth.

A modern, technology-driven business operation

Eventually, the Group will extend Visualfiles across its property and financial divisions too, establishing Visualfiles as the single, underpinning technology platform for legal workflow and process automation across the organisation. Plans are proceeding to integrate Visualfiles with other business-critical applications such as financial software, client systems, and web apps. Collectively, all this will enable the Group to offer self-service options to clients by allowing them to securely access the Visualfiles platform through their mobile phones and smart devices. Clients will be able to view the status of their cases and interact with their case handlers at key touch points across the lifecycle of their cases.

With digital processes becoming the norm in the firm, the Group will have access to real-time management information and reporting. This will assist with informed decision-making, be that to better manage higher risk cases, devise new offerings or to guide new business opportunities.

Aberdein concludes: “The world is being propelled by digital transformation, but the legal services industry is still functioning within its traditional remit. Technology, and especially Visualfiles, will help us to accelerate digital disruption in our chosen sectors and provide a modern, efficient, proactive, and commercially competitive service. Ultimately, that’s what clients want from their professional services advisers.”

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