Harold Benjamin adopts Legl to improve internal business processes

Harold Benjamin’s operations director, Jamie Abrahams, outlines how his firm was impressed by the disruptive simplicity of Legl when it got to experience it first-hand.

Legl|Harold Benjamin|

Abrahams describes Harold Benjamin as a tech-heavy organisation and, being a techie himself, he’s used to leveraging technology to improve processes – setting his sights on digitising client onboarding. “About 2.5 years ago, we actually started working on building our own technology in order to increase our efficiency. At some point though, we came a bit overtaken and we only had limited resources to focus on it, and the system was not processing enough volume to learn new formats of ID verification through Al technology.”

Abrahams selected Legl after coming across the solution by chance, when he was paying another law firm via that firm’s Legl checkout. “I was impressed by how simple it was and ever since we started using it, this hasn’t changed. We got it to work pretty quickly.“

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