Cashflow benefits from a better payments system

Customer care is at the forefront of RG Law’s proposition – the firm’s director, Karen Marsh, explains how making it easier for clients to pay for legal services with Legl has transformed the business.

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Prior to the pandemic, the team at RG Law didn’t think it was possible to do conveyancing from home. Overnight this changed. “We’ve been operating remotely since the crisis began. Two staff members alternate going into the office and the rest of the team works from home. We’re more paperless than we’ve ever been,” explains Marsh.

RG Law continues to be very busy. Every day, the firm receives more requests from prospective clients, and this presents Marsh and the team with their biggest challenge: how do you continue to deliver an excellent client service with only two staff members to manage operations?

“We’ve had a great transition to operating remotely and we simply would not have had this good of an outcome if we didn’t have Legl’s tools. During this crisis, all of the administration-related client payments have fallen to myself and one other staff member. This period would have been a lot harder if we didn’t have the right technology,” says Marsh.

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