Practice hedging

What more can SME law firms do to manage endemic risks?



With any luck, the waves of business risk that characterised the last two years will ease up in 2022 – although new challenges always seem to be around the corner. For now, A clear(er) idea of what the current threat landscape looks like has allowed law firms the time to gear up against risk and ask themselves key questions – about the effectiveness of their current protection mechanisms, and what new challenges might be around the corner.

This supplement analyses some of these puzzles – featuring a range of expert insights from within the SME legal ecosystem. Read about the multifaceted risks posed by unpredictable human behaviour, and see what experts are saying about mitigating these risks. Plus, take a deep dive into all the technology you could be using to make your law firm more secure going into what we can only hope is a post-pandemic era.


Many SME law firms now have systems in place to manage the intensified the complexity involved in compliance and risk management that has resulted from the pandemic, finds Aftab Bose. That said, mitigating people-related challenges seems to be the primary focus in every area of management – from compliance and cybersecurity, to strategic pillars such as client and talent retention.


Law firms can often have trouble grasping the scale and nuance of protection measures required for effective cybersecurity. Martin Lynch of Accesspoint traces how the structured, visual elements of the company’s custom- developed cybersecurity platform have laid the foundation for more secure infrastructure, processes and behaviours among SME law firms.


There are many cloud-based data storage, document management, and file sharing solutions that law firms can use to streamline their day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, not all platforms are well-suited to the needs of legal work. Using a data storage solution designed specifically for legal has a range of risk management benefits for law firms, according to Sam Dobson, account manager at NetDocuments.


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