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Retirement isn't an ending if firms are careful with succession planning



To say a lot has been happening recently would be an understatement. This month, LPM is shining the spotlight on SME law firm retirement and succession plans. It may feel like thinking about succession planning is the last thing on the priority list, but with the year coming to a close, possible Brexit on the horizon and regulation hot on your heels, it’s more important than ever to be thinking about staff engagement and growth within the business. And, by extension, the future of your business as a whole. Read what your colleagues are doing about succession planning on p16.

LPM recently visited Simons Muirhead & Burton’s new offices in London to discuss the firm’s move and its culture. Kayli Olson reports on their development and learnings from a client on p20. Also this month, please give a warm welcome to new columnist Alan Barrett, head of IT at TWM Solicitors, as he introduces you to his world and personal history as an IT fanatic.



With people living healthier, longer lives, talking about retirement can seem a bit daunting. The way people think about and approach the topic is consequently evolving – and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll stop working, altogether. Employers need to be prepared as the day nears.


Simons Muirhead & Burton (SM&B) has changed a lot over the years. “Our vision has changed commensurately,” says managing partner Razi Mireskandari. It started in 1972 as a criminal and human rights firm – at the time, around 85% of the work was crime-related, but that now makes up less than 5% of the firm’s work.


Are you reading fact or opinion? Amy Simpson at LexisNexis says that, these days, it’s increasingly difficult to find trusted information sources on the internet. She examines the validity of information and how lawyers can get to the whole truth with efficiency, clarity and precision.


Many firms have illustrious histories, but Southport-based Cook & Talbot has been around for an impressive 120 years. Director Mark Lloyd explains the firm is heavily dependent on non-contentious work, such as conveyancing, and would like the firm to continue to be forward-thinking and relevant for at least the next 50 years.


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