Three ways to ensure efficient and secure printing

As experts within the print industry since the 19th century, TA Triumph-Adler shares the best ways to ensure your print data is organised, effective and secure

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Printing within most industries is a necessary requirement for a business, but for the legal sector it’s far more entrenched in day-to-day processes and communication. The high volume of printing required within legal organisations can quickly become costly, unsecure and inefficient. There are several ways in which printing can be cost-effective, ensuring quality, efficiency and security aren’t jeopardised.

  1. Choosing the right printing device

The first thing to consider is the devices you use and the way in which they are used. Print speed and paper capacity are obviously important factors for the efficient running of an office, but it is also important to look out for additional and integrated features such as security, cost control and reporting. Some devices can now encode and decode print data to ensure that if anyone managed to access your IT infrastructure, your print data would remain safe. Identification and authentication technology, such as ID authentication cards for device access are increasingly important to ensure data security, especially in businesses where those using the server are working remotely. Having the ability to track, analyse and bill for printing is also invaluable for industries where each print is billed back to the client.

  1. Deciding to lease or purchase

The second thing to consider is whether it is more cost-effective to purchase a device outright or to get one through a lease deal. As with most hardware, this is highly dependent on your current print fleet, financial situation, print volumes and the type of devices you need (multifunctional —print / scan / fax or printer). There are options available to suit all types of budgets.

  1. Auditing your printing processes and workflows

Thirdly, and probably most importantly, it is crucial to have your printing processes and workflows reviewed to highlight any inefficiencies within the way your business works. Are documents printed by specific people or departments given set rules so that everyone knows which devices to use and where their documents will be filed? Are there departments that print large quantities where process times could be halved? Are there set access rights for different departments or individuals? Is it easy to bill clients who are charged per print? There are a variety of solutions out there that can aid all these activities, and while on the face of it, additional software will increase the cost of your bill, the time gained through making processes more efficient and controlled will save your business thousands of pounds in the long run.

With a rise in employees working remotely, security is becoming even more important, especially when printing. A variety of cloud-based solutions are available to ensure the secure transfer and storage of data across multiple locations. TA Triumph-Adler is an expert in advising which solutions would work best for your organisation, ensuring functionality without soaring costs.

At TA Triumph-Adler we consider all these aspects of print management and cost control to ensure our customers are getting as much out of their devices as possible. To enquire about a review of your print fleet, contact us at Alternatively, find out more about our legal sector solutions  in the TA Triumph-Adler LegalPack.

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